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Tall Ships Revisited

Good afternoon everyone! What did he say? Yes, good afternoon from Houston. I am here again with Capt Kip Files of the Victory Chimes having moved Elissa from the Houston dock where she has been open to the public and school groups for the last week back to her berth in Galveston. As is the way with boats weather had us pinned down and we are now at the airport hoping to get home by midnite. Gusty NW winds blew 25-30 all of yesterday. We left this morning at dawn and motored down the Houston ship channel back to Galveston. Getting in to the berth was complicated by our inability to contact the dock because of damage from Hurricane Ike. Kip did a masterful job of easing Elissa alonside her berth and we pulled it off in fine fashion with a little help thanks to a push boat donated by the Kirby Corporation.

The good news is that the Juan Sebastian de Elcano is currently visiting Galveston. She is a magnificent 370’, 4-masted, schooner and the official training ship for the Spanish Navy. Oh I wish I had my camera (out for cleaning and repairs). I took a few shots with my cell phone and only need to figure out how to get the pictures of the little black box. I’ll leave that high tech stuff to Jen.

Back home a good easterly blow hit the coast last nite pouring plenty of rain and gusty winds on Camden. Jen reports a sleepless nite and washed out roads to the extent that school was cancelled today. Mary Day made it through just fine but Mother Nature once again makes her presence known as a torrent of water pours over the waterfall creating a Class 5 whitewater event on the starboard beam. Oh how I look forward to getting home.

Have a great day. Be well. Do good.

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