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The 50th Birthday Party and Present: Photos

The crew posed with Belle after the rain cleared.

Over Labor Day Weekend, we had our 50th Birthday Party for Mary Day.

And we installed and unveiled her Birthday Present: a six-foot, hand-carved wooden eagle for the transom, lovingly carved, painted and gilded.

All work installing the "present" was done behind painter's dropcloths. Everyone in the park (including some frustrated artists) were left to wonder.

Barry installing the eagle.

Haddie Hawkins

Exhibits in the tent

Exhibits in the tent

Commemorative glasses

An exhibit of T-shirts

The Cake was delicious and beautiful

Some last-minute adjustments

A vintage T-shirt was resurrected for a limited edition

Haddie and Ronnie Hawkins, former owners

Sawyer and friends enjoy the buffet

Ronnie Hawkins addresses the crowd.

Former owner Steve Cobb

Curt addresses the crowd as a token passenger.

The moment of the unveiling

The Secret revealed

The new stern eagle

Mary Day's transom, complete with eagle

The Gamage Family, descendants of Mary Day's builder, Harvey Gamage

The Transom

Erica Brown and Matt Shipman provided wonderful music

Gordon Bok stopped by to chat. He had been Mate in the 60s.

Gordon Bok and Barry

Gordon Bok and Barry

The crew got pizza after all the excitement



The crew assembled with the transom and eagle

A pretty amazing addition to Camden Harbor


Jen and Barry with Belle

Jen and Barry with Belle

Belle and Big Bertha (the flag)

Belle and her reflection

Belle and her reflection

Fireworks and Belle

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