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Good morning everyone. We are dockside this morning in Castine. We spent a very peaceful evening here getting a chance to walk ashore and see this very beautiful and very historic town. Castine has a very rare combination of natural wonders, revolutionary war history and a marvelous rubble stone light atop Dice Head just a mile walk from the docks. We are so lucky.

We spent Monday night at Isle Au Haut… one of my favorites and did sail out to Seal Island to see pelagic birds like puffins and auks. I am having a bit of trouble with my camera but managed to catch a few images. Auks set a wonderful example for us all, holding their chin high no matter what the weather. I know I am anthropomorphising (that can’t be a word!) but I admire them just the same.

The sunset at Isle Au Haut was just… well just… well, see for your self. Just like a watercolor painting created in just a few moments and then gone in a flash as the canvas roll away with the sun. The stars and planets popped brightly above us all night long.

Have a great day. Be well. Do good.

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