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Weather Whys (Part II)

These weather observations from the West Penobscot Bay Buoy bear out what I was trying to describe in yesterday’s blog. You can pretty clearly see how conditions build on the incoming tide and crest and wane on the outgoing tide. Low tide today was at 1030 last night. By that time you can see that things are cooling off, quite literally. The peak winds peak temperature, and the lowest reading on the barometer (meaning the lightest, warmest air) coincide quite nicely. By 4 AM this morning clouds were breaking up. Now we have clear skies and the promise of clearer weather this week. Time to head to the boat and get painting.

If you want to learn more about the weather here along the Maine coast join us for any sailing trip but take a close look at our Sailing and Seamanship course with weather diva Capt Jane Ahfeld of the Wooden Boat School.

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