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Wet and Wild

Good morning everyone. I will have to make this one quick. The weather is apparently going towards the wet side of things and strong NE winds are forecast for the next couple of days as a strong low passes through the Gulf of Maine. This will be the day we get our winter lines aboard. The winter lines are doubled up and chains are run to the beach alongside the bow lines. The chains will have to wait until next week to get mid-day low tides. The new moon drives the high tides towards noon.

Yesterday the crew primed the varnish and paint on the spars in the morning and began sanding the bulwarks in the afternoon. At lunch time we had a birthday cake for Elisa in the park and the sugar buzz got us through the afternoon. Mary has finished packing up the galley and was busy winterizing the woodstoves. Putting a windjammer to bed takes as much energy as getting her ready. Already we are making lists (that mess mate sink drain has a leak I have been avoiding for a couple of weeks). The lists grow longer.

Have a great day. Be well. Do good.

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