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Windjamming...medicine for the soul

Mary Day - is a traditionally rigged, wooden vessel, powered by the wind, fueled by the souls of all who sail her. We often receive calls or notes from folks who question whether they can sail on a "windjammer" (a traditionally rigged vessel taking passengers on overnight sails). We agree it’s not for everyone. However, for those who are teetering about what windjamming really is, take a moment to read what one of our guests has written about her upcoming trip on Mary Day.

“I can’t wait! It’s the draw of the smell of the sea, the desire to plunge into the water and feel that quick renewal of life, to feel the smooth warm deck under my bare feet, to listen to the seagulls squabbling overhead, to sipping the hot morning coffee on the deck while gazing at the beautiful Maine coastline. It will be a real treat, sure to wash all the Covid worries aside.”

~ (Nora from NYC).

That's what windjamming is really about. As health practitioners are preaching, getting outside and spending time in nature is one of the best medicines for renewing one's soul, With Mary Day as the platform, combined with amazing people, and being outside among a stunning Maine coastline makes for better overall health. (Ok, the sailing on Mary Day is pretty darn good as well!) Hopefully, You get the picture. As the old adage goes...."An Apple a Day, keeps the doc away"... well, in the windjammer world, "A cruise on the Mary Day keeps the doc away!"

Be well. Do Good. Unplug And Join us in 2022 as we sail Mary Day for her 60th year!! (photo by

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