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Welcome Aboard
Schooner Mary Day

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We take pride in taking care of our guests,

because we love what we do,

and who we do it for.

At Schooner Mary Day, our cabins offer a natural yet elegant atmosphere, blending traditional details with modern comforts. Guests often praise the casual elegance that defines our cabins, a distinctive feature of Mary Day's design.


Below are the key characteristics of our Maine Windjammer.

With just 28 passengers, 90-foot deck length and 23-foot beam, there’s plenty of space for everyone.
  • Climb aboard wooden boarding ladders and immediately feel at home

  • On deck, an uncluttered layout, complete with deck chairs and a rocking chair, invites you to stretch out & relax

  • Two private heads, one with a private hot shower, located on deck, and kept immaculate by the crew

  • On deck public shower for rinsing off and warming up after a refreshing dip in the ocean

The first Maine windjammer built especially for passengers, Mary Day was designed with your comfort in mind.
  • Spacious main saloon with skylight and oil lamps, perfect for dining, games, and live music

  • Easy access to the main saloon, galley and single passenger cabins via a gentle staircase

  • Cozy and romantic atmosphere radiates from warm fireplace, quaint parlor organ and rustic glow from oil lamps

  • Open galley invites guests to see what's cooking on the antique wood cookstove

It’s all in the details that make Mary Day the majestic windjammer that she is. 


  • Cheerful cabins below have ample headroom, easy access from the deck by ladders, fresh air and sunshine from skylights and windows 

  • All beds are 6’2 in length and fully made prior to guests arrival with crisp sheets, Maine made wool blankets and LL Bean comforters

  • Fresh water sinks with soft plush towels provided in every cabin

  • Wood fired heat in every cabin keeps things dry and wards off the occasional evening chill

We strive to make each cabin aboard the Schooner Mary Day a special place for our guests to unwind and relax during their vacation, providing a cozy and comfortable space that feels like a home away from home.




“There is something about sailing on Mary Day, settling into our cabin and getting everything tucked up and away that always feels like.....Ahhhh....we're back.
Just like that, we're home."

Lisa. Holyoke, MA.

Wondering which cabin best suits you?  

Check out our Maine windjammer cabins below!

Click on the “View More Details” link as we offer the "ins and outs" of each cabin.

We get it - not every cabin fits every need. We do our best, offer what we have and leave the "rest" to you.  :)

Pleasantly Homelike

Main Saloon & Galley

9 & 10

29_CBD.T5.3 copy.jpg

Romantically Rustic

Main Saloon

5 & 6

Pleasant & Peaceful

Head to Head Cabins

9 & 10

29_CBD.T5.3 copy.jpg

Warm & Natural

Triple Cabins

5 & 6

Click on the diagram for the full 360 tour of Mary Day
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