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A Chilly Windjammer Morning

0630-55 degrees inside, 12 degrees below zero outside. We were up early awakened more by the chill in the house than a full nights sleep. The wood stove was on it last embers, enough to start the fire again but even the handle on the stove top kettle was cold to the touch. Heating with wood has its moments. The bay is white with sea smoke, a result of warm ocean water (relatively speaking) releasing heat to the chilly Arctic air. It is a magical event to see the vapor being blown up off the bay with only the peaks of the distant islands visible. Today we’ll be in the office, hugging the woodstove, thrashing through the all the year end paper work requirements that comes with running a small business. I guess it comes in handy at a frigid time like this but there are cords of firewood in the door yard waiting to be split and stacked before the pile gets buried in the forecasted snowfall coming tomorrow. No lack of job securty here. Stay warm out there folks!

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