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A Day in the Woods

Good morning everyone. We spent yesterday at home, the first day since who knows when that we have not left the farm. It did feel good. I love the boat and the bay but our home in the woods is just as inspiring. I spent the day stacking schooner firewood that has been sitting on the ground, blocking the driveway, since last May when it was delivered. The leaves are slowly beginning to turn but it was another very warm day. It poured buckets last night so I already have warm fuzzy feelings about having the schooner covered. Fall is on the way this next week by the looks of the forecast. Jen spent the day nursing a terrible cold and getting ready for a canoe/hiking trip that she and Annie are leading together this next week. We spent last night beginning to pick away at the numerous piles of stuff that came home from the schooner. Every room of the house has a pile in it. We can now actually walk through the office and to the kitchen without doing a pirouette. Just amazing.

Have a great day. Be well. Do good.

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