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A Good Quickie

Good morning everyone. So we have to keep the blog quick this morning. Jen has been up since 2 cranking out confirmation letters and balance paid letters. I was in the barn late welding, painting, and repairing trailboards. So we saw each other for a few minutes in between. Mary called from the schooner at 7 o’clock last nite having just finished painting the brown thresholds. These next few days are the last big push towards our Coast Guard inspection on Monday. Elisa Olds, our new reservationist is awesome. She has been slowly gathering speed in the office and painting as well. I kid her that her resume grows everyday, painter, rigger, plumber, bookkeeper, data base manager, logistics coordinator.

So bear with us and thanks for your patience. We will be sailing soon.

Have a great day. Be well. Do good.

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