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A Great Finish and a Wonderful Start

Good morning everyone. We finished of f the Wooden Boat sail training experience with the “final exam” on Friday. We did not have much wind but this group really capitalized on the opportunity to take the reins and sail Mary Day back to the “barn”. I could not have planned things any better than how they happened. This particular group chose to elect captains for each watch group. The individual captains did a great job with tremendous support form their “crew”. I encouraged everyone to taste a piece of the cake. I can only hope that happened even if it might not have happened exactly as people might have dreamed. The lack of wind was offset by some beautiful sunshine… an element we did not see an awful lot of last week. We actually came out quite lucky with the doom and gloom forecast we faced at the beginning of the week. For the first time in weeks I actually had my rain gear on for a couple hours on Friday morning. My fruit trees back home were thankful for a refreshing drink.

We are off to the Sweet Chariot Folk Festival this week. Yesterday we sailed all the way from Camden to Brooklin at 8-10 knots most of the day and anchored up with time to have a walk ashore. We are due to attend the festival Wednesday night. There is quite the concert happening right now on deck. We have some very talented guests this week. Great voices and some fantastic guitar to go with it. The folk festival will be its usual diverse collection of folk genres. It isn’t Dylan but it is always entertaining. We will get a picnic in tomorrow with any luck. It is another forecast with showers here and there throughout the week. But as I always say… a bad day on a schooner still beats the heck out of a good day at the office.

Have a great day. Be well. Do good.

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