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A Very Sweet Idea

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Liquid gold flows from the trees here in Maine. A free pint to the first 8 reservations we receive for a May or June cruise. (1 per family)

Good morning everyone. The past month has been the usual whirlwind of activity here. The tension of fit-out is upon us. I use the word tension with the idea that tension is not always a bad thing but does help me realize where the balance is. Tension, like a spring, keeps things cushioned.

One of this past month’s projects has been tapping the maples and getting some syrup in for the year ahead. The flow of sap from the red maples we tap had one of those off and on years. Tink, tink, tink; the sound sap makes when it drips into an empty bucket on a warm spring day but only after we have had a good freeze through the night. The nights have been getting progressively a little warmer and the sap has pretty much run its course. We finished boiling this weekend. The product is one of the most beautiful amber colored liquids I have seen since the last time we boiled down sap.

So for the first 8 reservations we receive for a May or June cruise we offer a free pint of our version of liquid gold made by yours truly from our own maples. How could anyone resist? Hope to see you during one of our glorious early season cruises.

Click here for the complete schedule. Have you heard about our new beer tasting cruise, the Craft of Ale Sail?

Have a great day. Be well Do good.

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