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A Whale for the World

Good morning everyone. On this day in 1851 Melville first published Moby Dick. I know here in New England we were pushed through that book by knowing school marms. At the time it looked like just another long book to me, my simple mind just not able to grasp the fullness in the pages. Interestingly I was not alone. Seems as though the readers of Melville’s era had a tough time with its social and personal searchings as well. It wasn’t until the 1920’s, 30 years after his death, that folks began to take a longer look at what Herman Melville had to say. Have you ever felt misunderstood? I guess there is hope after all.

Yesterday we drained down the water lines at the docks and began the process of taking things apart. Mary, Jen, and Elisa made one last big painting push to finish the galley and main cabin. All that is left is the water tank above Mary’s sink and that will be done today. We will be down there again today in the bright sunshine.

Have a great day. Be well. Do good.

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