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A Windjammer Family

Good afternoon everyone. Another great week of weather, wildlife and people.There just isn’t enough time to spend with each and everyone and we’re grateful for those who keep coming back to be able to share yet another laugh, tear, or a photo from a far away destination recently traveled. We love it, can’t get enough, actually look forward to it as we see those names on the boarding list. As you all know people are a huge part of this business. We wouldn’t be here without you. Our Mary Day family just keeps growing and growing and still we are saddened with those we loose as well. Several family members have called this year to postpone their reservations due to illnesses. We are deeply saddened to hear this and keep their spirits with us aboard as we know they’ll be back, to share those peaceful sunsets and spray of the ocean breezes. We’ll be here with the eagles and osprey waiting for them.

Crew become our “Mary Day Family” as well as passengers. Over the past 14 years with the Mary Day (we can’t believe it’s been that long!)we have been blessed with many young, strong spirited individuals struggling to figure out life (aren’t we all?). They arrive at our doorstep with an eagerness in their eyes to sail, to learn, to give all they got, to pull to they bleed, as we say. We take them in, share all we can and give them the chance to feel the breeze of life and to help them find the next path in life. It’s amazing how much they give back to us and not just through work….but in lessons of life.

We have an amazing crew this year that not has only taken it upon themselves to learn the schooner and the enormous work load that comes with it, but have had to share their personal life crisis’ with us as well. We have had two crew members loose two very dear family members while sailing and one off recovering from knee surgery. It moments like these that have brought our crew family closer. It’s amazing to see a team of young people jump in when and where needed and just ask how high and not when…We have yet to sail with just our “normal crew”. It’s taken a team of many to make this season work and somehow we’re managing to do it with fun. So we feel a small portion of their pain as they grieve and will share in the happiness of being back aboard and working side by side through another long hard day’s of sailing when everyone has returned. Life is short and each moment counts. Family is a large part of it, and with family at our side we can make it through each and every day. We hope Jake that you get a chance to be with your family this week and we look forward to your return. Sara get stronger, those topsails are waiting for you to furl ’em!

Have a great day. Be well. Do good.

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