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Anchors Aweigh

Good morning everyone. I was in New Hampshire yesterday and the top of Mt Washington has a heavy dusting of snow. The view across the Mt Washington Valley was just beautiful and afternoon snow flurries confirmed the coming of winter. I attended a day long recertification workshop for my wilderness EMT credential. We spent the better part of the day practicing scenarios outdoors. I attend many of these kinds of workshops and trainings all winter long. Next week I will be attending the local EMS seminar here in Rockland including a day long intensive in pediatric issues.

So it is busy, busy, busy. Today we will be spreading another coat of varnish onto the spars while the weather is warm. We are trying to get the deck oiled as well. I will continue vacuuming the bilges and cleaning the nooks and crannies below decks.

Even the anchors on the wall get a coat of winter protection in the form of 50/50 gloss black paint and Penetrol. Penetrol is one of those sakes oils that helps seal metal work and paint flow. We love it as an additive to everything including our morning coffee. Someone asked how we get the anchors up onto the wall. We used to just grab hold of the anchors and physically lift them (all 540 lbs) up onto the wall. Well, 16 years and one hernia later I finally devised a long overhanging beam that mounts to the rack on my truck to which I attach a chain fall hoist. I back the beam and its hoist out over the paint float on which the anchor has been transported and raise the anchor clear of the wall. Pull ahead 3 feet and lower away. As simple as that. No fuss, no muss. Now you know just how slow on the uptake your beloved captain really is.

Have a great day. Be well. Do good. Please VOTE!

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