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As Good As It Gets

Good morning everyone. Well yesterday was about as good as it gets in our neck of the woods (or should I say bay). We left the dock at 10 o’clock and with all sail set and the yawl boat hauled we tacked our way up the bay towards Rockland on the ouitgoing tide. This being a 4 day lighthouse cruise we were able to view the lights at Curtis I, Indian I, Rockland Breakwater and Owls Head… all before lunch!

We snuck through the Fox I Thorofare and across to the Deer I Thorofare, a route which gave us views of Browns Head, Goose Rocks and the Deer I Thorofare Light on Mark I.

Dinner time found us anchored next to a delightful small island where we feasted on lobster and enjoyed a spectacular sunset. Guests exploring the rocky outcroppings discovered a small seal pup hauled up on a ledge. Keeping a respectful distance we all enjoyed a sight that is common along the coast during the spring but rarely witnessed by guests at a beach during a lobster picnic. How lucky we are.

Have a great day. Be well. Do good.

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