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Autumn Light

Good morning everyone. The chill of autumn weather has arrived. The trade off for what some of you may consider cold is the low slanting rays of light at sunset that warm my heart enough to try to hold onto with a camera image which in review always seems to fall short. Still the sky takes on a deeper blue this time of year and the air (and water) cool noticeably making us feel alive in a way that balances the heat and humidity of summer.

I enjoyed many of the guesses as to last week’s mystery photo taken by Jim. Alton nailed it when he guessed a new skylight over the galley. The opening will be about 40X18 inches and should brighten up the galley and cool things off during by the heat of the cookstove. By the way Ina, Jen started working on splitting your cookstove wood for 2012.

In the office where most of our attention has been focused we are working on the fall newsletter, hopefully going to print this week. Jim has also helped us create an e-newsletter so if anyone wants to sign up visit our web page and sign up in the right hand column. We hope to make this a monthly event featuring recipes and cruise highlights. Please give us your feedback if you receive one. This whole E-thingy is new and strange to us. What next??? Facebook??? I swore I would never do it and here I am even entertaining the thought. Resist the dark side of the force young Jedi!

Have a great day. Be well. Do good.

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