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Back from the yard

Good morning everyone. We are back from the yard. We did everything we could in 2.5 days and I think Jen described most of it to you yesterday. Not that I was keeping track but I believe we put in at least 243 people hours of labor while we were on the rail way. That averages out to be 12.46 hours/person/day, give or take. There was more I wanted to do but the time just wasn’t there. I would have done some more nit picky stuff that I would have felt good about but no one else in the world would have noticed.

We were racing the tide at leisurely pace after lunch and were ready with 15 minutes to spare. In railway time that is the equivalent of lunch and a nap. The crew was most impressive. I know pride is a sin but you should have seen them work. They should be very proud of what they accomplished. So much of what we accomplish, in the schooner and in the world, is done with will power. For any non-believers out there, come spend a few days on the railway with us and we will show you. The crew has the earned the right to be tired but very proud of what they accomplished.

We did drills on the way back from the yard. We reviewed the station bill that assigns each crewmember’s duties in the event of an emergency and did an actual “Man Overboard” drill underway. The fender was recovered in jig time and thankful for the crew’s quick action. Of course prevention is the key to success and we have been talking about that as well.

Photos by Jim Dugan will be forthcoming (see below) since he was the only one with the presence of mind to actually record yesterday’s events. Many thanks to Jim for his help breaking down staging and getting the schooner back to Camden.

Have a great day. Be well. Do good.

Photos by Jim Dugan follow:

Topsides don’t look great (they get painted this week) but look at the red bottom paint! Nice.

Jen drives Chadwick and Mary drives Arno on the way back to Camden.

Keeping an eye out over the transom as we back off the railway into Rockland Harbor.

Jen gives Sarah and Becki a yawl boat lesson.

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