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Bending on Sails

Good morning everyone. Busy day here yesterday… again. Everyone is working incredibly hard to pull this boat together and we are well ahead of the curve. The boat looks great.

We started bending on sails yesterday and despite a very dismal forecast enjoyed a dry day with even a few breaks of sun. By days end we had installed the main and foresails. The cabin divas had worked their magic below decks, making up all the bunks and cleaning the cabins within an inch of their lives. The pump I mentioned yesterday was load tested and did an admirable job of moving water. Jen pulled together the first aid kits, gilded the trail boards, touched up the stern boards, varnished the oars, sorted and then drove the laundry to Camden, tended the kids, answered the phone and emails, put the finishing touches on our peapod Departure, and a few other things I am forgetting as well. They say that if you want to get something done give it to a busy man… well Jen could show any busy man a thing or two.

Even Jim Dugan, still healing from a wicked bout with meningitis, stopped by to lend a hand. Thanks Jim! But in the end it was the child that had the best idea of the day. Sawyer took Rosie out for a row around the harbor and enjoyed messing about in boats. Fisherman style, facing forwards, he pushed his way around the harbor. Needless to say this proud Papa was amazed that this kid, who hadn’t rowed since last summer, put to sea with no help whatsoever and disappeared to explore the harbor. The green oars in Sawyers hands are the very first pair of oars my folks gave to me when I was just a pup. How cool is that?

Have a great day. Be well. Do good.

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