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Bottom of the Tide

Good morning everyone. It is a rather warm morning here created by low pressure passing to the west of us and sweeping with it moist tropical air right up the coast. Seems like winter is taking a rest according to the forecast and rain is predicted to fall tonight. We have a few roofs with 18″ of snow on them which need to get shoveled off today.

Today is the full Cold moon. With the winter solstice and the moon at perigee (closest to Earth in its orbit) just yesterday the tides are responding predictably. So here in New England we are at the bottom of the tide, figuratively and literally. The light begins to return. We have gained a minute of light and the sun has gained a minute of declination on its northward journey since yesterday; all these celestial events according to the Old Farmers almanac. The tides in Camden are the biggest of the year. 13.4 feet of tidal range separate high tide this morning from low tide this afternoon in a place where the average tide is closer to 9.5 feet. But the ebb and flow of the tide is mirrored in our psyches. I know the light is returning and with it my spirits lift. Sailing is on its way! Imagine… sitting on the rail soaking up sun and laughter and the smell of an ocean breeze. We will enjoy the cave of darkness for a few months yet but by the end of February we will be positively chomping at the bit to tear the cover off and bend on sail. Ah, patience young firecat. All in good time. May the returning light fill your soul with warmth to carry you through the darkness ahead.

Have a great day. Be well. Be good.

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