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Burnt Island

Good morning everyone. Happy Groundhog day to all. Will Phil see his shadow or not? The kids are hoping Phil sees his shadow and we get six more weeks of winter. The weather has been so beautiful here this last week that I am quite content with the beauty of this season.

For any of you who have been around the schooner for any amount of time you have undoubtedly met Bruce. A dear friend, Bruce care takes a small summer cottage, a work of art itself, on Burnt Island.

A week ago we had a rainy and blustery southeaster that blew some shingles off the roof. I had the good fortune to give Bruce a hand making repairs.

The day was so beautiful that we just had to take a stroll.

So Bruce with his ever present coffee cup and me with camera in hand, my heart leaping like a little child, we strolled through the spruce woods and over the granite bedrock. The light was so bright it actually hurt to look up at times, a true antidote for cabin fever.

I am not a photographer but I love to try to capture the feeling of depth, light and life in the island forests.

Jim Dugan sat on one shoulder while Neal Parent sat on the other whispering encouragement and advice. If you haven’t had a chance to learn from these folks you are missing out. But please don’t judge their teaching efforts by this random selection. I can only try to follow their advice and do my best to keep up with Bruce.

Have a great day. Be well. Do good.

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