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Busy Windjammer Family

A chilly morning once again as cold weather returns. 2 degrees above and the familiar squeaking snow was under foot as I walked out to empty the ash bucket in the early morning darkness. The stars are just amazing, yes, diamond like. The almanac predicts a series of storms moving in from the southwest these next few days but I don’t see it in this morning’s heavens.

Kaitlyn finished the schooner firewood yesterday. Yeah!. She has been working diligently after school each day to get that pile off the ground before the almanac is actually correct. Thank you Kaitlyn. Jen and I spent yesterday in the office pounding away at the keyboards trying to get our year end chores done. I am glad the year end only comes once a year.

Today is our crazy day of the week. Winter schooner life is about family time. Jen will be back in the office for the day. I have to get aboard the schooner this morning. For better or worse we have clustered several after school activities in to one afternoon. School gets out at 1 o’clock and then it is few minutes rest before dance class for Courtney and swim class for both. Jen usually puts a crock pot on to simmer for the day and we will eat only minutes before it is time to get ready for bed, get a nights sleep and start it all again tomorrow.

So may this picture of summer windjamming get us all through the day. Hold these thoughts in your mind; sails set flying, sheets eased, we are heading ‚Äúdown east‚Äù through the Merchants Row surrounded by granite islands covered with spruce, you are at the helm of 90 tons surging along under a pile of canvas as the Camden Hills disappear in the background. Blue Hill Bay and Acadia lies ahead. The aroma of fresh rosemary focaccia bread wafts up form the galley. Holy cow…did you see that seal pop up right next us! I think it was as surprised as we were. Windjamming at its best. We are living a very beautiful dream.

Photo by Jim Dugan.

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