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Camden Windjammer Festival Weekend

Good morning everyone. The windjammer fleet arrived here in Camden Harbor yesterday afternoon. The harbor was packed with schooners as far as the eye could see through the forest of masts. There was a terrific talent show last night followed by fireworks over the harbor. This celebration is as much about the guests and the communities surrounding these vessels as it is about the vessels themselves. This is the last and largest fleet of large commercial sailing vessels in the country… a national treasure of sorts. This is the greatest show on earth and it happens every week here in Maine. How cool is that!

Have a great day. Be well. Do good.

Thanks to Jim Dugan for these terrific photographs. He climbed Mt Battie to capture the fireworks and then the main mast to capture the fleet. That says alot about Jim and his continuous quest to share his very unique perspectives with the world.

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