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Celebrating the Past, Present & Future

Good morning everyone…. We apologize for the week off from the blog. Big week for us as a family. Our anniversary popped up (you know the years are adding up by seeing the cars in the background getting older)

as well as Sawyer‚Äôs 8th birthday. It seems like just yesterday when he came aboard…

It’s been a week full of reflections for us, seeing the past going bye so fast and watching Sawyer anticipate his big day was more than we could handle. Handling schooners are sometimes much more easier!

This seal was found while visiting Stonington this week. Not sure if he or she has only one eye, but it seems to be a reminder to us to stop and view things slowly, take it all in while in the present, so soon will it be gone.

They do grow up fast and we just keep getting older…

We did get a chance to have our picnic in Dogfish Cove which provided us with an opportunity to see the past, present and future all at once.

The tide was low and a cool rocky shelf gave us a chance to row under it and view the underwater life from below. Many sanddollars and muscle shells found, starfish clinging to the seaweed waiting for the tide to come in as well as egg cases hanging from the shelf…..we all wondered what may hatch from these??? Wicked cool.

So we head out today for another week, full of surprises yet to unfold. We’ll keep both eyes open looking in all directions taking it all in, hoping to remember it all. Have a great day. Be well. Do good.

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