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Changes in the Wind

Good morning everyone. As I have been describing the last few days we are asking a group of diverse brothers from fraternity Delta Tau Delta to come together this week and stretch themselves beyond their normal limits. Everyone of them is a great human being but the when all of their strengths are combined in one place at one time the outcome is as extraordinary as can be. These guys are willing to jump in, as you can see, to whatever needs to be done.

Sara and Becki were in awe (and quite proud) yesterday as one watch group tacked the fore topsail, which has more than just a few strings attached, without their having to say a word. We practiced tacking and gibing several times throughout the day. Back at the wheel our objective was to learn to steer by the compass. Nature cooperated perfectly by providing a good blanket of fog and hiding the islands from view. The marlinspike station focused on the pin rails and nomenclature. The navigation station started in on the rudiments of dead reckoning with speed, distance, time calculations and a few simple fixes. In the leadership watch conversation centered around the characteristics that participants thought were holding them back in their home chapters: procrastination, lack of clear direction, or whatever it may be. Clearly this is more than just about sailing. The wind is coming NW behind a departing cold front that triggered showers, a signal that changes are occurring.

Have a great day. Be well. Do good.

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