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Clocks Tickin’!

Good morning, afternoon, night….it’s all a blur at this point. We board in 9 days and the rain has been blessing us with it’s wonderful gift of moisture. Grass is high, flowers blooming, bugs are present. Oh the joy of heading to the harbor to leave that all behind!

The crew are working incrediblely long rainy days, sitting on mastheads rigging topmasts, bending on sails, varnishing galley sole, main saloon tables and putting last minute touches to small boats. It’s a good feeling to walk in the shop and realize there are few pieces left needing paint.

Bunks will be made up this weekend and the galley unpacked! It’s all coming together with the dock lines still taught, Mary Day tugging alongside us with high emotions to get her 50th sailing season underway. What a day that will be. All too soon. So back to the brushes we go. We’ll be ready and we hope you get the chance to sail with us this summer!

Be good. Do well.

And yes that’s the cook Cara, who next time you see her will have bread dough all over her hands!

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