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CPR for Schooners

Good Morning Everyone. Maintenance update from the global headquarters: windows, screens, skylight covers, lanterns, Suzannah. We have been busy in the office these last few weeks and I am ready to get going on some barn projects. Kaitlyn and Jen have managed to get a few things done out in the barn. Kaitlyn finished painting all the windows, fixing all the screens and painting those as well. Pictured here are the buff skylight covers all done, nary a brush mark to be seen. Kaitlyn and Jen did a great job. Sawyer started a refinishing project last fall, a small boat named Suzannah. That 8’ pram that I built years ago has been sitting in the dooryard for years and has proved great practice for Sawyer and Kaitlyn. You would hardly think that oil lamps need maintenance but they do rust out in the weather and I have been told by the local hardware store that the particular variety we have will no longer be available. Since we have so many spare parts for these I figured we better try to nurse them through a few more seasons what kind of new lamps we should use. The brown primer will get a finish coat today.

Last night we had our annual CPR refresher and update down at the ambulance service and the parallel between people and schooners passed through my mind. We are beginning in earnest that process of breathing life back in to Mary Day. OK, so maybe that analogy is a stretch but as I was reminded last night, caring for anything does take energy, pacing, and a good team effort.

Have a great day. Be well. Do good.

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