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Good morning everyone. We had an amazing day yesterday. Anchored at Isle Au Haut for the morning we were able to get ashore for a good long walk. Isle Au Haut is a magical place for me. I have camped there on several occasions. I have hiked and sailed around almost all of nooks and crannies. The first pencil sketch I ever made was of the Robinson Point Light. We saw several bald eagles while we were anchored and a coyote (we had heard them yipping away during the night) swam across the Thorofare and shook itself on the Kimball Island shore before disappearing into the woods.

Underway we started the sunny day with a deep reef in the main which we shook out after about an hour of going 2 knots with nothing more than 5 knots of wind. The forecast was for gusts to 30 knots but that sure wasn't what we found when we peaked out from behind Kimball Island. With all sails set flying we beat our way up to Eagle Island before we took in the topsails and began to beat into a stiff NNW wind up to Hog Island and then across to our final anchorage in Islesboro Harbor. We have put down 100 great miles in these last few days. We really have seen it all. We saw dozens of migrating hawks, a lone goose, as well as flocks of white winged scoters arriving for winter.

Sunrise this morning was just stunning and their is even a touch of maple foliage in this quiet cove. Today will be a very busy day. By days end we should have sails and mattresses, life jackets and blankets all dry and safely stowed in mothball back at home. I am sorry to see the sailing season come to an end. I will miss the bay and all that it is about. I will miss the focus and intensity of the crew (you should have seen them yesterday as we were tearing around the bay!). I will especially miss the diversity of guests that make this schooner come to life. But a winters rest is well deserved by all and by evening this captain will be having a toast to the season, the guests, the crew, the bay.

Have a great day. Be well. Do good.

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