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Crossing Tacks

Maintenance projects continue here at the global headquarters. I had ripped the bed off of my truck just prior to the storm so when the forecast began to get a better idea of the storm’s impacts a few friends of mine and I were scrambling to get thing put back together. I spent several nights burning the oil late in order to roll the truck out of the shop just a few hours ahead of the snow. Road salt here wreaks havoc on truck frames. The schooner’s trusty 10 year old Chevy deserved another shot of adrenaline to buy 5 more years with a little welding, alot of rust busting, and a few mechanical repairs. For those of you that live near salt water or road salt try applying lanolin based “Fluid Film” liberally to everything that could host rust and corrosion.

Ali and Katie kept the plates spinning here at the Chinese circus in the barn with varnish work being the current focus. Between the two floors of the barn there is always something happening. When I found this picture of two schooners crossing tacks in the east bay it quickly brought to mind the lesson of making progress up wind. First we go this way, then we go that way. Pictures like these remind me of why we do what we do… laying under rusty trucks and sanding our fingertips bare. It is the good work that lets us appreciate the great fortune of sailing in Maine.

Have a great day. Be well. Do good.


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