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Distant Lights

I had grand hopes of getting out to Mt Desert Rock but alas the wind and tide had other ideas. So we tacked offshore as far as I dared in the confused swell caused by the previous day's SW wind. We did get a not-too far-off look at Great Duck light and a a very distant glimpse of Mt Desert, 13 miles away! The cold air next to the horizon was bending the light in just the right way that we could see the tower and keepers house. Once again gannets were everywhere.

I feel like the lighthouses are more elusive this week just because this is a lighthouse cruise. The wind and tide are what they are making for great sailing but challenging to easily get to the 22 possible lighthouses in our area. But as I told folks Monday morning before we departed, we are going to see lights the way they are meant to be seen, from the deck of a vessel under sail.

Have a great day. Be well. Do good.

Photos by Barry & Jen.


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