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Do It Yourself New Year

Good morning everyone and a Happy New Year to you all. Things have been busy as you might imagine with two small children, the Christmas holiday and school vacation (all 16 days of it!). The holiday season is always an emotional roller coaster around here. Seeing family and friends is, of course, the highlight of it all and the many cards we received from guests are so greatly appreciated.

Now we are back to the grindstone. I am working at the local boat yard these days, a job I started just before Christmas. I am thankful to have winter work to bring the ends a little closer together. I am working with former Mary Day crewmember Brad and our fisherman friend Les to replace the stem structure in a very old motor yacht. That leaves Jen at home single handing the global headquarters for the schooner as well as the myriad family logistics. There are just not enough hours in the day which combined with the holidays should explain the absence of the blog.

The New Year seems to be starting with a ‚Äúdo-it-yourself‚Äù theme, a practice that makes these windjammers possible. I spent this past weekend working on my truck replacing the window regulators (these cable drive gizmos that make the windows go up and down had broken on the same day while plowing snow). I replaced the battery, fixed the windshield washer unit and rotated the tires. I also had to fix the hydraulic pump by tearing apart the back end of our 1941 Ford 9N tractor we use to move yawl boats and trailers around our tight dooryard. What is it in the universe that causes so many things to go on the fritz simultaneously? Honestly, I felt like Midas, with the exception of the gold part. All is set back to rights with hardly a single air-borne wrench and no parts left over. I hope all your home handy projects go just as well. Remember Bruce’s sage advice, all you need is patience and perseverance.

Have a great day. Be well. Do good. And do it yourself.

Very cool aerial photo by the very talented (he can jump really high!) Rich Holzer of Dolphins Eye Productions.

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