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Fall Fit-Out Begins

Good morning everyone. And so it begins, fall fit-out. After a good weekend at home we are ready to get back to work getting ready for next year. It is hard to believe but already we are feeling the crunch to get everything painted in time for sailing next Memorial Day Weekend. I drove in to Camden yesterday to grab a few things off the boat and noticed that the fall colors are finally coming around, a good week late, but coming around beautifully just the same.

Jen is off on her camping trip with the 6th and 7th graders from the small school our children attend. We had a hectic time pulling all our camping stuff together. So much for the relaxing weekend we had planned. It has been years since we unrolled the tent (it smelled like it too!). First aid kits needed revamping, boots needed oiling, food needed to be organized. Annie and Jen are leading this trip together so there were frequent phone calls to discuss last minute details. And then we were up late last night taking care of final office details. So Mr. Mom is in charge now. Good thing the kids like pizza. Courtney is in charge of feeding the cat. The next few days should be interesting.

Have a great day. Be well. Do good.

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