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Featured in The Maine Windjammer Association Newsletter

The Maine Windjammer Association member vessel Mary Day

We were pretty excited to see mention of Mary Day’s 50th birthday in the latest Maine Windjammer Association Newsletter. I had been interviewed for the article but did not know exactly when it would be coming out. The more I talk about Mary Day’s 50th the more I understand her place in the fleet. The fleet of windjammers here in Maine is really what gives her context. I know we wouldn’t be here without the captains and crews that charted the waters of this business before us. Maintaining these vessels has huge financial¬†challenges but in a day and age when not-for-profit vessels are struggling to stay afloat we are excited that this fleet of commercial sailing vessels here in Maine still holds there own. ¬†It really is a remarkable story and we are proud that Mary Day is another chapter in the history of this fleet.

Have a great day. Be well. Do good.

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