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Fit-Out Begins

Good Morning Everyone. The temperature is threatening to hit 50 degrees today which will be the warmest temperature we have seen in quite sometime. The rest of the crew arrived yesterday. Becki, Becka, and Sara will begin in earnest today to sand and paint anything that isn’t moving. Today they will be sanding the yawl boat and we will go to the harbor at low tide to switch out the bow mooring chains on the beach. From here on out I promise my blogs, on average, will become shorter as life becomes a whole lot busier.

The picture is of ARNO in the barn. We are making a few structural modifications, laminating in new support knees on the thwarts and replacing a plank that was a little iffy. Though the cedar was good there was one spot where the back of the plank had blown out some years ago and has been backed by a block of wood. I am not saying it couldn’t have been asked to serve a little more time but we like to fix things as we can. This also gave the opportunity to reinforce the framing at the hard turn of the bilge.

Have a great day, Be well. Do good

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