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Fitful Sailing

Good morning everyone. We are snuggled up here in a great cove just off of one of my favorite islands. We had a wonderful picnic here last evening after, what I can only call, a fitful day of sailing. The wind was all over the compass rose. At one point in the afternoon we were becalmed when only a hundred feet away we could see and hear the rush of the wind on the waves where it was blowing 20 knots. The schooner must have skidded a boat length sideways when the wind first hit and off we went at well over 9 knots like a race car that finally found fuel. And just as quickly we sailed out of it and had to push with the yawl boat again. So went our day, sail a little, push a little.

Last nite we ate Mary's blueberry pie, read poetry by Ruth Moore and tried to find the North star, the cares of the day far astern. Today we appear to be blessed with lots of sun and a brisk northwest wind that promises to carry us out of Blue Hill Bay. We shall leave the mountains of Acadia on the quarter and head off to who knows where.

Have a great day. Be well. Do good.

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