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These three day trips seem to draw a number of families and this cruise is no exception with fathers and daughters, nieces and uncles and aunts. Sharing this kind of family time is quite a trip down memory lane for some and a time to share without the distractions of life ashore. We even have a newly wed couple hitched in the Amphitheater by yours truly before the trip.

A twist for me aboard during this trip is having Sawyer and the son of some very dear friends who we met 17 years ago during our first season with Mary Day. It is not just a little cool to see the boys take Rosey out together last night for a sail. A thunderstorm chased them back to schooner with Sawyer pulling on the oars and Aidan steering with the tiller to a perfect landing. I am not sure if pride is the right word but something certainly stirred in my heart to see these young sailors working together, just like their parents did 17 years ago. Now that is cool!

Have a great day. Be well. Do good.


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