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Generations of Windjamming

Good Morning Everyone. We had gorgeous day here yesterday and looks like we have another one on tap. We are all feeling the returning light. I hope you can imagine how good that feels to us here in Maine. One of these days I might even be tempted to take off my long underwear…..but not yet. I am sure winter still has a few treats in store for us.

Speaking of treats…we had a delightful treat last evening. We had 3 generations of Mary Day sailors out for dinner in Camden. We were celebrating “Lady” Jane’s 90th birthday. Her life is an amazing story and she is a very funny and charming woman. She is one of my hero’s not just for the 23 trips she has sailed aboard the schooner but for coming through 90 years of thick and thin with humor and passion in tact. Jane is cousin to Havilah Hawkins, the schooner’s designer and original owner. Jane summered in Sedgewick, Maine on the Eggemoggin Reach and remembers the old cargo schooners. Sitting beside Jane was another equally amazing woman, a Sedgewick native who has lived an equally rich life, Mary Day Hawkins, for whom the schooner is named. She has been a friend to us since we bought the schooner and visits with her teach me lessons about history and life. Seated across from them were Jen and Courtney, the next generations of the Mary Day family. Web guru Jim Dugan and executive chef Mary Barney were there as well. I sat and marveled at the human story that this schooner has written. Many of you reading this are now a part of that story. I can’t wait to write the book.

Thanks to Jim for the photo.

Have a great day. Be well. Do good.

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