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Getting aboard, finally!

Good morning everyone. We had a great day aboard the schooner yesterday. We all agreed that it was good just to get aboard. After 3 weeks in the barn it was becoming difficult to believe that there was a schooner attached to all these blocks and davits and such. Alas we will be back in the barn today, and probably a few more days this week. We are in for a spell of unseasonably damp and cold weather. The little icons in the weather forecast are not filled with smiling suns. We have a fresh inch of snow on the ground here in Appleton this morning.

The good news is that the crew is doing a great job despite the challenges of weather. Yesterday they sanded rail caps, the rail clamp, and the lazarettes. We started our day with safety training. We shifted our power supply and bilge pumps from winter to summer mode, commissioned one of the heads, and finally swabbed the decks to knock down the dirt and dust of winter. The boat looks great and as soon as the temperature breaks 40 degrees we will begin to paint in earnest.

Have a great day. Be well. Do good.

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