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Good day to be a duck

Good Afternoon! It’s another beautiful day in the New England state of Maine, rain mixed with snow showers. The robins must be thinking twice about arriving back so soon. Speaking of signs of spring returning, yes Ed, the loon showed up yesterday in the harbor, gracefully swimming out beyond the Mary Day along with the winter ducks still lingering about. Canadian geese were spotted on the edge of ice on Lake Megunticook each perched on one leg. My guess is they were questioning the ice out date like the rest of us! (April 25th, no April 19th, …..). We all win in the end when it magically disappears.

Another great sign among us was the excitement of Sawyer and Nadie playing on the beach down in the harbor. The ice along the shore of the harbor has melted and the sand has appeared. They were quick to build their long awaited sand castle, the first of many to come for this summer. They were both glad to be down there and to mingle among the crew as we worked aboard. Sawyer is becoming a great reporter and wanted to take the following photos for the blog….

We end this day with the crew working in the rain/snow showers stacking the enormous loads of firewood for the 2009 season. Departure is receiving a few new supports for her thwarts, Rosie is being thoroughly sanded by Mr. Makita and Sara and safety training has begun. All in all it was a productive day for such a rainy one!

Hope your dry and in a warm place! Be well, do good, have a great rest of the day!

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