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Great Schooner Race 2010

Good morning everyone. I hope you folks are staying cool today. It is wicked hot here and we are quite glad we are sailing this week. The winds have been quite light these last few days. Swimming has been the order of the day.

The annual Great Schooner Race was held yesterday in Blue Hill Bay and Mary Day did what she does best in very light air. She waltzed her way through the fleet and was at the finish line pretty much unaccompanied. But that is not much of a story really. We just happened to get many lucky breaks and held the breeze while many of the other boats were held back by fluky winds. I can tell you I never stopped looking over my shoulder as schooner upon schooner took great advantage of some of the lucky breaks. The schooners Stephen Taber and Timberwind were like Americas Cup boats match racing to within a few boat lengths at the finish. Congratulations to the Taber of the Coaster class. Heritage took a long tack away from the fleet that payed off big as she took honors in the Leeward Class. And the Victory Chimes remains undefeated in the Three Masted Coaster Division. The competition was no where in sight as she finished.

We had a few extra moments of excitement as the fore sheet got away while running wing and wing on the first downwind leg. And Katie cleared a fouled fore topsail sheet from the tip of the fore gaff with her usual aerial acrobatics. Many thanks to guests Lois and Dudley who brought monogrammed rally towels for everyone.

Have a great day. Be well. Do good.

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