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Hangin’ On

Good Morning Everyone. Hang on tight…winter surely is. One last (we hope) blast of arctic air is funneling in to the Northeast. 4 below here in the dooryard, no wind chill factor yet, but the National Weather Service promises heavy freezing spray on the bay in a westerly breeze.

This morning’s temperatures and this picture inspired me to think about hanging on and letting go. We are not really ready to let go of winter. The trip to the barn to stoke the fire brought that familiar sound of sub-zero snow under foot sounding much like a Styrofoam cooler does when you put the lid on. Squeak…squeak…squeak. I will miss that soon as much as I will welcome spring. The frozen darkness appeals to something in my reptilian brain as much as the coming season. The barred owls were hooting in the woods outside our bedroom window this morning, welcoming spring I imagine. They know it is coming, sooner or later.

Yesterday was my dad’s birthday and I know he was off sailing in the warmer climates of heaven. He had a firm policy not to step foot polewise of 20 degrees North before the 4th of July. He also had this saying that pretty much sums up the balance between hanging on and letting go… Yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery, today is a gift…and that is why we call it the Present.

Have a great day. Be well. Do good.

Photo by Jim Dugan.

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