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Happiness of a windjammer family

Good Morning. Our summer days have vanished, and in exchange wind and rain. It had to happen sometime. Mary and I are taking today as “office days” resting our backs from a day spent with the ole Makita’s. It’s official, the dust storm of 2007-2008 has begun. The hum of the Makita sanders and vacuums filled the day. Mary and I were actually excited to sand the cabin houses. We’ve spent all summer looking at the scratches and patches of paint waiting for this moment of destruction. It felt good to be rid of all those marks. At one point both Mary and I stopped for fresh air and remarked, “this is fun!” It takes a rare breed to enjoy endless hours of backbreaking sanding and Mary and I must be from that breed. We’ll be back at it for the rest of the week with hopes of ending Friday with all cabin houses sanded and primed. It’s a huge goal, one we’re willing to put our backs into.

Speaking of rare breeds, Sawyer and Nadie spent the afternoon at the barn. What a pleasant moment for a parent, seeing your children being bounced around on a huge horse learning to trot and having huge smiles on their faces. Sawyer jumped down at the end of his lesson only to exclaim, “that was gallons of fun!”

Barry is busy trying to keep the daysail schedule among windy weather. They are due to load on 2,000 gallons of fuel today in preparation for tomorrow‚Äôs departure offshore to Port Aransas. He’s excited to get some offshore time in.

And through all this Gussie is happy to be holding down the carpet at home, watching us all run in and out the door without her.

Have a good day. Do well. Be good.

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