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Happy Birthday Mary

Good morning everyone. Blockfest 2008 continues on this week in the barn. Alex and Elisa have been sanding and overhauling the last batch. We are taking extra care with the footblocks (the one attached to the deck through which the halyards fairlead so that everyone can pull in a line along the deck). Those foot blocks have only been thoroughly overhauled a few times over my 16 year tenure. We give them the annual greasing and paint but this process on the bench in the barn gives us a chance to use the fine toothed comb. So far all of the blocks look great. (No mice in the rigging this year!)

On the birthday front we are celebrating 2 very special birthdays this week. Mary Day was launched on the 21st of January 1962 just 2 days under six months after her keel was laid.

Our lovely and gracious executive chef de la cuisine was launched on the 23rd of January 19?? We aren’t telling you the year but, for the curious, you can find out without asking only you have to come sailing. Do you need any other excuse to go for a sail on the coast of Maine? Both Mary’s are an inspiration to us. How do they keep going year after year? Both Mary’s are loved by many. We could make comparisons between their grace and beauty and they both come out tops in our book. Happy Birthday to both Marys! Thanks for the many years of joy you both have brought us all and long may you both sail the Maine coast.

Have a great day. Be well. Do good.

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