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Happy Mothers Day

Good morning Mama, and everyone else too. Thanks for everything you give us each day. Thanks for giving us life. Thanks for giving us a chance… to be alive and experience the challenge and joy of another trip on the cosmic sailing ship of life. We don’t really know where the boat you put us on is going. We just ride the swell with all the gifts and tools you have given us. Every so often we see a lighthouse and get our bearings. Sometimes we sit in the lee of the land and wait. Sometimes we put forth in to the tempest, ready or not. But what ever we do we bring you with us. We carry your goodness in our hearts just like you cradled us as little babies. And we are comforted to know that you are behind us, waiting on the beach, for the day we return to tell you about our exciting journey. Thanks Mama…we love you.

Have a great day. Be well. Do good.

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