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Hardship and Deprivation

Then the “old man” made us haul the yawl boat and sail out into the open ocean. He had all the sails set once again and the westerly breeze took us quickly offshore to see the Great Duck Light. Even the loom of Mt Desert Rock was seen by the time we tacked back in shore. I don’t know what the hurry was but we were going 9 knots the whole way. I wish they would do something about this sun. I am going to run out of sunblock soon. Poor Al had to hide under his shirt in the rocking chair for any relief. He looked like camel rider from the Sahara and claims to have learned the trick from a dear friend back home who knows about these things. My hair was a mess by the end of a day of sitting out in all that wind. I don’t mean to whine but the Captain is a lazy man. He makes his guests steer the boat.

Last evening was the final straw. The “whacko” at the wheel parked us off this beach out in the middle of nowhere and forced us to sit on the beach and eat lobster. The cook had to walk around and force the last few lobsters upon us. Aren’t there laws about this kind of treatment. No malls, no stores, no nothing. The sunset made the rocky hills of Mt Dessert all golden colored. Of course, Cap had to park that darned schooner in the foreground spoiling the picture. Several folks went swimming and claimed that the water was really warm. You can’t fool me. Finally, the crew rowed us back and we got rid of the last of the cookies. Those things are dangerously addictive. I don’t know if we will ever be the same after a week of this hardship and deprivation. Ed, Al may be a little fragile when he gets back to the office so just humor him with the thousands of pictures he is taking with his new camera.

Have a great day! Be well. Do Good.


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