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Homeward Bound

Good morning everyone. We launched the schooner yesterday on the tide (1 hour before high tide, that is). All went well on the trip back to Camden. We are grateful to have had Mary’s smiling face gracing our yard period. She even brought the brownies!

This was a quick yard period for us. Normally we might spend a few days in the yard but the forecast for rain (which was wrong by the way) drove us to work by lamplight late into Friday evening and raise the sun yesterday morning. Pre-planning was critical. The crew had already painted the majority of the water line area and the green boot stripe so minimal staging was required saving hours of time. The great deal of work we have done in years past allowed us to take a little less time as well.

The return trip to Camden provided the opportunity to review the “station bill”, crew duties in the event of any kind of emergency. We even did a man overboard drill as we motored past Curtis I Light. Sara and Alex recovered the fender and the proper CPR was administered accordingly. And as if 21 hours of work in 2 days (that is 147 people hours +/-) was not enough the crew turned to and oiled the deck for another 4 hours as soon as we hit the dock (an additional 24 people hours). We are very proud of this crew and they are discovering what a days work really looks like. I know they are tired and will be sitting in the pews for morning service praying that we go sailing soon. Feeling the roll of the vessel on the way to and from the yard was heartening. To feel my hand on the wheel, at home once again, with such beautiful weather…. well I am ready to get sailing as well.

Have a great day. Be well. Do good.

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