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If I had a boat…

Good morning everyone. It’s a sleepy morning here ashore as the rain softly falls. Everyone is still in bed recovering from the exciting week of sailing. There were so many moments to remember and tell about: the day before the race with all the rain and wind showers passing (topsails must have gone up and down at least 5 times!), race day with the slow beginning and great ending, (thanks everyone for all your hard work trimming sails!), picnic day with all the great food and sail (did anyone get a photo of the wild sail to Merchant’s Row?) and of course the race thru all the thunderstorms (we came in first in that race and managed to slide right thru two storm cells to anchorage!). There were just as many great people moments to go with all these great events: Lois’s bandanas for team spirit and luck, Dudley hanging on to Merchant’s Row always with camera in hand, Andy’s wonderful guitar playing…the list goes on. It’s all these memories that will carry us for another year. We’ll look back at these photos and blogs during the slow & cold winter months and crack a smile or even a laugh and say Yeah, this is why we’re still doing this. It’s not a bad office after all… We had yet another great moment this week as parents in this crazy business just have to share (hopefully Grammy’s will see this)….Sawyer managed to find a great treasure on Pickering Island during the picnic. The great engineer we hope he will be (to make lots of money for our island rest home!)managed to invent his own boat…his first boat built all alone from scraps. Dad was a proud Papa!

So naturally he tried it out and it worked! With a few calibrations and a bit of advice from passengers, he set out on his maiden voyage…from the beach to the schooner a good 50 yards with just a dream and a drift wood oar. We all watched anxiously to set out to rescue, but never got the chance. He made it! Proud parents were we.

Side Note: The second voyage proved to be a lesson in lifesaving. Sawyer set out in Gilkey’s Harbor for a row, with a bit of wind this time. His boat fell apart and he was quick to learn to stay with a floating boat until help arrives…The boat has made it’s way to shore and will be repaired today in hopes of a trip in the swimming pool…. Have a great day. Be well. Do good.

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