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In Shape for Sailing

Good morning everyone. Yesterday was a busy one as usual none of which was made any easier by my truck deciding it needed a vacation. The kids have been very patient with us this week as they are on school vacation and we have a full schedule here in the office. Jen took the kids skiing at the Camden Snow Bowl for the day so they could all blow off some steam.

Back at command central the big event of the day was helping our sail makers, Grant Gambell and Brad Hunter, bring the mainsail over to the village school gym. That basketball court is the only place we can spread out a sail that large. This year we are taking time to have all of the sails surveyed and necessary repairs made. Talk about “keeping it local” Brad is our next door neighbor and the service these 2 fellas provide is beyond comparison. In the past they have dropped their weekend plans to patiently make repairs to sails that I tried to get “one more season out of.”

In looking over the mainsail I realized that it has been through 8 seasons and that is about when we retired the last mainsail. That old cotton canvas mainsail mildewed to death. I can remember seeing constellations of pin holes whenever the sun was behind it. This main, and all of the sails are now made from a synthetic canvas called Oceanus. Aside from some chafed stitching it is in remarkably good condition. The fabric appears to have a number of more seasons to go. Grant will be taking it to his loft to do some touch ups. Brad has already completed a survey and repairs to the staysail, jib and jib topsail. All should be in great shape in time for the sailing season. Remember, shape is everything when it comes to sails and that is why we take them to the gym.

Have a great day. Be well. Do good.

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