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It Must Be Spring

Good morning everyone. We have big doin’s here in our world. The weather has continued to be magnificent with temperatures soaring in to the 50s. The sap has been running and we boiled our first batch of syrup on Sunday. The sweetest taste you can imagine comes from your own homemade maple syrup. If you have any kind of maple (or even a birch) in your door yard, tap it and boiled down just a gallon. You will probably only get a half cup of syrup but the taste will amaze you.

Down at the harbor the docks were launched on Friday and rode out this weekend’s storm just fine. Many thanks go the harbormaster and the Camden town crew who made this possible. Yesterday chief mate Rob was up for a visit and we ran the power line and did a quick clean up aboard the schooner. After a few months in Belize Rob has some good stories to tell and the corn rows in his hair to prove it.

Tomorrow I am off to Texas for my annual trip to sail aboard the tallship Elissa in Galveston. The sailing is fun, the volunteers great, and they have Mexican food like nothing you can find here in Maine. I will try to get a blog or two in while I am there. I will miss spring time in Maine and with so much to do to get the schooner ready I will be dreaming of projects back home. It is all very exciting.

Have a great day. Be well. Do good.

Many thanks to Meg Maiden, photographer to the stars, for use of these photos.

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