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It’s a Wrap

Good morning everyone. Holy cow doesn’t time just whiz by. Do any of you have any ideas on how to do more in a day than humanly possible and still be present with those you love and care for? Well, the 2011 season has come to a close. The schooner is blanketed in shrink wrap for the winter and most of the crew have moved on. Katie will be staying on part time to varnish, paint, and maintain everything. I will be devoting my winter to maintenance as well. The office comes first. This is the first day I have been in the office since????? I still have some winterizing projects aboard the schooner before the docks come out but now is time to sit down and get next season organized. Have you seen our 2012 schedule? has created a wonderful way to sort cruises by date, length, or cruise number. Check it out.

I finally have an answer for you folks who wonder what we do for vacation. This past Columbus Day Weekend, one of the most beautiful anyone can remember, we went “upta camp”. Thank you Joanna, David, and Cheryl for sharing Camp Puckerbrush and giving us a chance to get away.

The paddling was awesome! Sunsets and My Katahdin in the background were heart warming. Such a big piece of my soul is in the North Woods. So if I have a place to go when I am not aboard Mary Day it is to the woods from which Mary Day was built. A neat circle if you ask me.

OK, that is it for now. Hope you are all being well and doing good.

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